Many students are involved in the Scientific Data Management Laboratory. We recruit students from programs in Computer Science, Mathematics, Life Science, Bioinformatics, and Engineering. If you are interested to apply for an internship in the Scientific Data Management Laboratory, please check upcoming internship openings and read alumni testimony.

Students in Computer Sciences and Mathematics

We recruit students who are interested in developing novel technology and have interest in life science or mechanical engineering. Since the beginning of the activity, we have recruited six students enrolled in Computer Science programs at ASU or in other universities.

Students in Bioinformatics

Since the beginning of the activity, we have recruited eight students enrolled in CBS at ASU or in other universities. We offer various internships to students enrolled in the Professional Master in Computational BioSciences at ASU.

The program directed by Dr. Renaut requires the completion of a group project … Internship) [a copier de cbs.htm]. We make sure to offer internships to students enrolled in the program each year. We have trained six students enrolled in CBS since the beginning of the lab. activity. Students enrolled in the program interested by the lab. research projects should contact Dr. Renaut and Dr. Lacroix to discuss internship opportunities.

Past CBS 584 Internships

Past CBS 521

Students in Engineering

Since the beginning of the activity, we have recruited three students enrolled in Engineering programs at ASU or in other universities. We offer research projects to students of Electrical Engineering interested in addressing the challenging issues of biomedical image processing and management. We recruit students from mechanical engineering who have significant programming background to contribute to the MEDAR project.


A class on Scientific Data Management is offered in the context of the Professional Master in Computational BioSciences.

The class textbook is Bioinformatics: Managing Scientific Data published by Morgan Kaufmann in July 2003.

Syllabus Coming soon


Kaushal Parekh, CBS graduate 2005 – now works at Ingenuity Systems

I had a computer science background before joining the CBS Program at ASU; got my Bachelors degree in Engineering from Mumbai (Bombay) University, India (June 2003) and my major was Information Technology.

Experience at CBS program:
Apart from the required coursework (CBS 520, 530, 521, Biostatistics, Experimental design, and the business and ethics classes) I took the following electives:

  • Data Mining
  • Functional Genomics
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Algorithms for Systems Biology

Also, the CBS 521 group project was a good opportunity to work with real life problems in the field. My project was with the TGen brain tumor unit and involved performing Image analysis in time lapse videos of tumor cells which was a challenging experience.

I was also research assistant with Dr. Zoe Lacroix at the Scientific Data Management lab for two years which gave me the opportunity to work on some very interesting projects and present our work at several scientific conferences in the US and abroad. My major project at the lab was BioNavigation, which also served as my MS internship.

Current job:
I started working as Ontology Engineer at Ingenuity Systems in February 2006. Ingenuity products include pathways analysis software and knowledge bases for biologists and bioinformaticians, and enterprise knowledge management infrastructure, content and services for leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

I work with a cross-functional team composed of biologists, ontology engineers and software engineers that develops and maintains the ingenuity knowledge base. My background in computer science, the knowledge I gained at the CBS program and the experience with ontology in the BioNavigation project are proving very valuable for my work here.

Some thoughts about the program:
CBS program is ideal in that it is truly interdepartmental with the participation of mathematics, life sciences and business schools, although it could use more involvement of the engineering school, especially computer science. Perhaps the two new PhD offerings will see greater success.

I would like to thank all the faculty and in particular Dr. Renaut and Dr. Lacroix for their guidance and support. I wish my classmates and future graduates of the program all the best!


DO NOT apply if no internship opening has been posted.

To apply please send to the following:

- specify the internship of interest
- explain the reasons why this internship is interesting to you, why you are qualified, how it will contribute to your degree (e.g., mandatory internship, thesis, etc.)
- resume
- description of previous activities (research projects, internships, jobs) you have been involved in, length of the activity, tasks you have achieved, technology and languages used
- two recommendations (name, function, title, address, phone, email)

No internship is currently offered.

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