Workflow Instrumentation for Structure Extraction

A new way to understand legacy workflows.


10/14/2015: Presentation. Managing and Documenting Legacy Workflows. NETTAB 2015 (15th International Workshop on Network Tools and Applications for Biology) and IB 2015 (11th Integrative Bioinformatics International Symposium)..

06/27/2015: New Paper: Ruben Acuña, Zoé Lacroix, and Rida Bazzi: Instrumentation and Trace Analysis for Ad-Hoc Python Workflows in Cloud Environments. IEEE 2012 SERVICES Workshop on Scientific and Engineering Workflows.

04/21/2015: Thesis: Ruben Acuña: Understanding Legacy Workflows through Runtime Trace Analysis. Arizona State University.

06/24/2012: New Paper: Ruben Acuña, Zoé Lacroix, and Jacques Chomilier: Refurbishing Legacy Biological Workflows: SPROUTS Case Study. IEEE 2015 CLOUD.

Coming Fall 2015